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Lil Nas X releases powerful new ballad “Sun Goes Down”

Columbia Records

Lil Nas X is sharing a vulnerable side of himself with fans in his powerful new single “Sun Goes Down.”

The song, released Friday, is a confession of what the 22-year-year old wants to tell his younger self who had lost all hope.

The slow, rhythmic song,  which is a departure from the Grammy winner’s energetic and beat heavy hits, opens with the admission that he didn’t “want a life.”

“I wanna run away / Don’t wanna lie, I don’t want a life / Send me a gun / And I’ll see the sun,” the opening chorus begins from the perspective of a young Lil Nas, revealing he started having these thoughts when he was 10. 

He goes onto explain those thoughts of self hatred intensified when he was struggling with his gay sexuality, which he hoped “God would take away.”

Throughout the single, present-day “Old Town Road” rapper sends messages to his younger self that promise better days are ahead.

“I know that you want to cry / But it’s much more to life than dying / Over your past mistakes / And people who threw dirt on your name,” Lil Nas sings.

He also reflects on why he’s thankful he held on, adding, “And I’m happy by the way / That I made that jump, that leap of faith / I’m happy that it all worked out for me / Imma make my fans so proud of me.”

The artist also released a companion music video to go with his new single, with present day Lil Nas watching over his past self and giving him much needed boosts of confidence to push through his doubt.

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