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Lil Nas X shares hilarious reaction to failing his driving test

Filip Custic @filipcustic1

Looks like Lil Nas X won’t be whipping his Porsche anytime soon because the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” singer didn’t score that hot on his driver’s test.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, the Grammy winner shared the enthusiastic update and wrote in all capital letters, “Omg I did it!  I failed my drivers test!”

Lil Nas also shared a cheeky video where he panned the camera down and used a glittery filter to share the uplifting news, “At 22 years old, I finally took my drivers test today.”

The video, set to his latest number one hit, then changes perspectives as the camera looks up at him dancing and running in circles as the words “I failed” flash across the screen.

However, some fans proved just how sharp their memories are by digging up a video from last July where he first teased “Montero,” which just so happened to be a video where it appears he’s driving.

“Then [what the heck] is this,” one fan demanded while linking back to the clip, in which the rapper replied by wordlessly using an image of a guilty looking blue cartoon character biting into a cookie.

Other fans have since teased Lil Nas that he needs to adjust the lyrics to “Montero,” particularly the part where he sings “Call me when you want/ Call me when you need/ Call me in the morning, I’ll be on the way.”

Since he doesn’t have a driver’s license, fans say he needs to amend the “I’ll be on the way” lyrics to be about taking a ride share.

In response to the trolling, Lil Nas has since pinned the video in question to the top of his Twitter.

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