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Lil Nas X talks about perfecting his new “Star Walkin'” anthem

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 Lil Nas X unleashed his new song “Star Walkin’,” the gaming anthem tailor-made for the League of Legends‘ 2022 Worlds Tournament, on Thursday.

The Grammy winner caught up with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about the new hit and revealed he spent a lot of time toying around with its sound.

“Making this song was a lot of fun,” he explained. “I had the verses forever, and it took, no joke, 30 different, 40 different 50, I don’t know how many different hooks, to get the hook to a place where I’m, ‘Okay, this is something I like. That’s cool.'”

He added, “But overall I had a fun time in the studio. I had a fun time putting these pop elements and drill elements together.”

Lil Nas X said he wanted to make this song not because he’s a gamer, but because “I have a huge gamer fan base, and this is sick for them.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the hitmaker chatted about his run-in with Madonna at one of his shows. “It was a full circle moment because she brought me back to her show in 2019,” he described. “I didn’t actually get a chance to get a good conversation with her because I was about to go out onto the stage.”

Lil Nas X said he told Madonna he was dealing with some pre-show jitters, and she responded saying that “She’s going to be there and rooting for” him.

As for where he’s heading musically, he admitted, “My creative spirit is honestly in the garbage can. I want to be completely honest. But I feel like it’s coming back.”

Lil Nas X is “super confident” that whatever he makes next, it’ll be “the best s*** I’ve ever made thus far.”

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