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LISTEN: The musicians behind ‘Animal Crossing’ come together for live and socially distant performance

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IMAGE: Tom Nook (@animalcrossing)/Twitter

Did we miss the memo about Animal Crossing?! You would tell us, right? Somehow during quarantine, Animal Crossing has become increasingly popular. Now … maybe it’s the the creative outlet, maybe it’s a virtual escape or maybe it’s just because it’s something to do other than watch television but either way, it’s suddenly super popular! That being said, the musicians behind the game’s soundtrack gathered together for a lovely, socially distanced rendition of the New Horizons theme song to post on social media. The performance includes; Eric Miyashiro on flugelhorn, Tetsuro Toyama on acoustic guitar and ukelele, Mataro on percussion, Takashi Ebinuma on double bass, and Saburo Tanooka on accordion. FUN FACT: The New Horizons main theme, and all of the music in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series, comes from composer Kazumi Totaka. Watch and listen below: