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Lizzo explains why it was important for her to feature boyfriend Myke Wright in new documentary

Courtesy HBO Max

Lizzo‘s documentary Love, Lizzo is streaming now on HBO Max, and the singer is finally answering a burning question from fans about her decision to include boyfriend Myke Wright in it.

“It was a tough decision because I could have completely left it out of the film, and trust me, there’s edits where it was done,” Lizzo told Glamour.  

The documentary marks the first time Lizzo lifted the veil on such a protected part of her life by diving into their on-again, off-again romance. 

Love, Lizzo shows the singer struggling with her and Myke’s “complicated” relationship and declaring, “We’re friends with a lot of feelings.” The pressure eventually gets to Lizzo at one point.

“It was important to add that because I wanted y’all to get the complete story… I think people are going to be surprised at the depth of my relationship with Myke,” Lizzo explained. “We’ve had a long relationship.”

She continued, “Now, if I need to do one with me and him one day, you know, breaking it down, that’s a different story. But I did need to at least introduce him because he’s very important to not just my personal life, but who I am as a creator.”

“I’ve been very careful about also protecting him and who he is so that I’m not telling his side of the story as well,” the singer added.

As for why Lizzo wanted to share this storyline, she explained, “It’s such a huge part of my life because of the kind of artist I am… I’m putting myself out there to be criticized, commented on, and I’m sharing a lot of information with people that I don’t have to share.”

“This is who I am,” Lizzo closed. “It ain’t changing.”

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