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Lizzo shows off her vast collection of flutes and other instruments


It’s no secret Lizzo is a talented flutist, but do you know just how many flutes she owns?

The singer decided to give fans a “flute tour” on Instagram via the page dedicated to her signature instrument, Sasha Flute. Yes, its name is inspired by Beyoncé‘s alter ego, Sasha Fierce, according to Lizzo.

“THE FLOOT TOUR YALL BEEN WAITIN 4! Which flute sounds the best?” the post asked. Lizzo also encouraged fans to weigh in on which flute she should play more.

The “About Damn Time” artist laid out all her instruments on her bed and gave a small description of each before giving a brief performance.

After demonstrating how Sasha Flute sounds, Lizzo whipped out an electric blue instrument she named Blue Ivy — again, another Bey-inspired name, as it shares a name with her eldest daughter. Lizzo explained the flute has been getting “a lot of criticism” as of late because some people don’t consider it “a real instrument.”

“I’m like, don’t be flutist,” Lizzo cracked before showing off how the instrument sounds. She also showed off a red, white and blue instrument she was given during a show in Houston.

Lizzo also whipped out a “significantly heavier” gold flute named Gilda and played several deeply rich notes. The singer revealed she has a platinum instrument, too, which also gives off an impressive sound.

Other instruments in the singer’s collection include an ocarina — of course she played the signature song from the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time — and a Toot, which is like a step up from a children’s recorder.

For that particular instrument, Lizzo played the Rugrats theme from memory and quipped, “I can’t believe I just figured that out.”

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