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Lizzo teams up with HeadCount to encourage young voters to participate in midterm election


The midterm elections are fast approaching, but a startling number of young adults are still not registered to vote. Enter Lizzo, who hopes to change that.

The Grammy winner has teamed up with HeadCount, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that works toward registering all eligible voters. To help this organization reach its goal, she’s inviting HeadCount volunteers to be a part of her upcoming tour.

HeadCount volunteers will be front and center to interact with fans and explain why it’s important for them to vote in every election. Volunteers will also help concertgoers check their registration status and, if they have yet to register, can help them register to vote.

HeadCount has since opened volunteer positions for people to help out at Lizzo’s concerts, which they can do on the group’s official website

According to HeadCount, nearly half of all individuals between 18 and 24 years old are still not registered to vote. That accounts for roughly 8 million votes.

To help close the gap, the nonprofit has teamed up with other A-list celebrities, including Harry StylesBillie Eilish and Ariana Grande, to engage young voters.

“Gen Z represents a significant demographic that could greatly affect laws and policies across the country,” HeadCount explains. The organization hopes that by working with the “About Damn Time” singer, more people will be inspired to let their voices be heard during the midterm elections, which take place on November 8.

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