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“Lonely Christmas” sees Justin Bieber wallowing in the holiday blues

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

If you won’t be spending the holidays with someone special, Justin Bieber has the perfect song for you.  Bryson Tiller tapped him and Poo Bear to sing all about the Christmas blues in the new single, “Lonely Christmas,” which is out now.

Bryson, a Grammy-nominated R&B artist, released his A Different Christmas EP on Friday, which contains the new single.  Although he says in a statement it “was really fun to make” the offering, he adds it was “Inspired by Bieber, Ariana [Grande], and by one of my loneliest holiday seasons ever…”

“Lonely Christmas” is no exception.  The acoustic, country-like ballad features all three singers lamenting what they would be doing around the holidays if they still had that special someone in their lives.

Justin starts off the song and, when singing about his “lonely broken-hearted Christmas,” he reveals, “Right now, I be out there shoppin’/ Some of you call it trickin’ off/ The money never meant nothin’/ To see you smile, you know that I’d blow it all/ We used to get our lights from Walmart/ And hang them up for the world to see.”

An accompanying music video was also released Friday, which shows Bryson getting into an accident and waking up in “Lonesome Valley,” a stop-motion world reminiscent of the classic Rankin/Bass holiday specials.  He walks through the fading memories of Christmases past before joining Justin and Poo by a bonfire.

The “Lonely Christmas” video ends with Lonesome Valley lighting up in holiday lights as the three continue to strum guitars and sing around the fire’s glow.

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