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Lorde takes fans into her thought process while writing ‘Solar Power’

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Ophelia Mikkelson Jones

Solar PowerLorde‘s highly anticipated third studio album, is due out next month.  Shortly after confirming the new offering, the 24-year-old New Zealand pop star invited fans to join her on a walk through memory lane while she reflected on the album’s beginning stages.

In a personal newsletter to fans, sent Tuesday, Lorde shared a series of notes she wrote on her iPhone that contained some of her early thoughts that inspired the album.

“My Notes app also functions as a time capsule,” wrote Lorde, via NZ Herald. “I can see lists of groceries or Christmas gifts I needed to buy years ago alongside deep thoughts about where I’m at and what I’m making as they start to form. I took some screenshots last night, cause I thought it could be of vague interest to you.”

Her first note, dated November 2018, is of Lorde telling herself, “People are relying on you to bring light to them in a dark time and to be a conduit for light and energy. Believe in yourself that you can do that for them. You’ve done it before.”

In her notes about the video for the song “Solar Power,” Lorde wrote, “Make the visual world authentic and sumptuous” and “Imbue it with colour and feeling.”

She also told herself to put her “friends in it” and include a “weird dance break on a beach.”  A recurring theme she uses is the word “sun,” hinting that her third album will be more upbeat and brighter.

“Make music about the sun and being happy,” another note reads. “And fruits.  And no air conditioning.  and good kissing.”

Lorde confessed she can’t wait to release Solar Power, adding, “I want you to have the whole album tomorrow.”

Solar Power is due out August 20.

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