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Louis Tomlinson says his new album helped him understand “what my job is and my relationship with the fans”

Louis Tomlinson Visits KISS FM
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Louis Tomlinson says the pandemic gave him a much-needed reset after living a “fast-paced” lifestyle for so long.

Speaking to the Smallzy’s Surgery podcast, the former One Direction member opened up about his new song, “Bigger Than Me,” and his forthcoming album, Faith in the Future.

“There was a lot of pressure with this, or at least I’d put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of what I wanted out of this first single,” Louis said, noting he wanted to “keep this momentum going” after coming out of lockdown.

His new music, he explained, documents the “feelings that I had during lockdown and just kind of understanding what my job is and my relationship with the fans and what all of that means.”

Louis admitted he initially had conflicting emotions about quarantine, adding it was “definitely difficult” to press pause on his career when he “had been waiting for the tour for a long time.”

“I felt like it kind of got snatched away from me,” he said, adding he was also focused on “understanding what was going on in the world” at the time.

Louis later realized lockdown turned out to be something he needed. “I live my life at such a fast pace. And it was nice… just having the pressure off. Even just for a little bit of time, mentally, that kind of suited me,” he explained.

“I do think it helped me in a different way with writing on the record,” he added of Faith in the Future. “There was a lot of time to think and kind of clear your head. Yeah, and that’s obviously good for writing.”

Louis’ new album arrives November 11.

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