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Maren Morris’ message to mommy-shamers: "We all need to give each other some grace"

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Earlier this year, new mom Maren Morris had to put up with being mommy-shamed for posting photos of her baby son Hayes — but last night, she spoke out against the online practice, saying it felt like an “extra betrayal” when moms turn against each other.

Backstage in the virtual press room at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Wednesday, “The Bones” singer admitted that even though she’s not bothered by trolls who criticize her music, it’s harder to handle when someone shames her for her parenting style.

For example, she was criticized earlier this year when she posted a picture of herself holding Hayes on her lap on an inflatable float in a lake without putting a life jacket on him.

“For some reason it’s an extra betrayal when it’s another mother shaming another mother,” Maren said. “I just feel like we all need to give each other some grace. I would never do that, and I’ve learned to be less judgmental all around just by being a mom, because it’s extremely humbling.”

“Yeah, I just think, like, let’s all love each other and give each other good advice,” she added. “Even if it’s unsolicited, at least it’s good advice.”

“I would just say let’s do better,” she concluded. “And not put someone down that’s obviously trying their best.” 

By Carena Liptak & Andrea Dresdale
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