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Maren Morris says new JP Saxe duet "Line by Line" is "a love song about a song"

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JP Saxe is in a relationship with hitmaking singer/songwriter Julia Michaels, his co-writer and duet partner on the Grammy-nominated “If the World Was Ending.”  Maren Morris‘ husband Ryan Hurd is also a hitmaking singer/songwriter.  So when JP and Maren got together, what else could they do except write a love song about writing a love song?

That’s the premise of the artists’ new duet, “Line by Line,” in which they sing about how their love is so big that it won’t fit into just one song.  As they put it, “Four chords, three minutes, you never fit in it/So I just take you line by line/I’ll be writing about you for the rest of my life.”

Speaking to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, JP says he and Maren have “the shared experience of being really in love with other songwriters and being kind of in this every day adventure of trying to summarize what it feels like to love somebody in a song.”

“Often a song can be a really intimate place to fully represent how big love can be,” he adds. “And I think this song is us making our best attempt.”

Maren notes, “I definitely think that us both being in love and in relationships with songwriters, it really felt like something that only we could write, at least this way. And so I love writing songs about songs, but especially a love song about a song.”

JP also tells Lowe that his debut album is coming out this year, and that “Line by Line” is, he says, “for all intents and purposes, the first single, that I get to share with an artist who I’m fully obsessed with and am so excited for people to hear.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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