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Maren Morris says she “lucked out” with "laid back" baby Hayes

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As far as Maren Morris and her husband, singer Ryan Hurd, are concerned, they hit the parenting jackpot with their six-month-old son, Hayes.

“Ryan and I are both pretty laid back. We kind of lucked out having a very chill baby,” “The Bones” singer tells People. “We’re pretty chill people, so maybe that’s reflected in our kid. We’re learning every day.”

Still, there are some parenting habits that the first-time mom and dad are trying to stay away from. Maren admits that they sometimes have to work to differentiate between the way they speak to Hayes and the way they speak to their two dogs, June and Pancake.

“There are habits we’re trying to break. Like, not talking to him in a high-pitched baby voice is so hard, but I don’t want to talk to him like I do my dogs,” she admits. “I was reading a French parenting book [that said], ‘Your kid isn’t the boss, you are.’ That’s been a thing we’re trying to stick by.”

But for the most part, she goes on to say, Hayes makes navigating first-time parenthood easy.

“We have started him on some baby food. He’s been pretty good with everything we’ve given him, so hopefully we don’t have a picky eater,” “The Middle” hitmaker explains, adding that her son is also getting close to another big baby milestone.

“I feel like he’s just about to start to crawl. He’s getting his butt in the air — I feel like he’s about to launch forward!” Maren adds.

By Carena Liptak
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