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Mariah Carey's brother sues her for defamation over memoir

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Mariah Carey has found herself in the center of a defamation lawsuit, filed by her brother Morgan Carey, over her new memoir.

The lawsuit was taken out a month after the songstress’ sister, Alison Carey, also filed suit over certain passages in the book.

Page Six reports that Morgan, who is ten years his sister’s senior, claims Mariah misrepresented him and wrongly labeled him a violent person.

His lawsuit states, “Many passages about [Morgan] in the book are false and defamatory, personally invasive and painful, and have caused serious damage to his reputation and to his personal and business affairs.”

Morgan also claims the book damaged his career, stating that he was in negotiations over a film project that fell through as a result of what she said in The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

The suit alleges that the suit is more about principal as it “brings this action more in sorrow and disappointment in his sister’s betrayals and malicious falsehoods than in anger at them.”

As for what Mariah wrote about him in the memoir, Morgan claims it is “mere gossip and of prurient interest.” 

Morgan furthers that he is not an abuser, as the memoir alleges, and that their father was the sole aggressor in the family.  He has particular issue with a chapter in the book that claims he “slammed” their mother into a wall — of which he says is false.

“The violence was entirely one-sided, with the plaintiff being the recipient of his misplaced rage,” states the suit, adding that Mariah’s allegations are “a betrayal and deep hurtful violation.”

He is suing for unspecified damages.

By Megan Stone
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