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Marshmello and Demi Lovato remind people that it’s ‘OK Not To Be OK’

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Marshmello and Demi Lovato released their new collaboration called “OK Not To Be OK,” along with a video that has both of them looking back at younger versions of themselves.

The song was released yesterday in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention day. Demi has been open with her struggles with depression and mental health. If you or someone you know could use some support or have questions there are resources for you.

Locally, you can go to the website SAVE.ORG. But if you are more comfortable texting, you can text a Crisis Text Line. It serves anyone, in any type of crisis, and it’s free, 24/7. Crisis doesn’t just mean thinking about ending your own life. It’s any painful emotion and anytime you need support. You can 741741 any time of the day or night.

Remember, we are all human with emotions and nobody is perfect!

It’s okay not to be okay.