Maternity Leave is on starting…

Staci Hutch Carissa Preg Announcement 2023


I want to say THANK YOU! To everyone being so happy for me and Bryan and our son… almost here… or here already depending on when you’re reading this.

There was a good length of time I was working on loving myself, being happy by myself and accepting that maybe marriage and kid(s) might not happen for me. My Faith is really what I was leaning on most to be ok with that possibility. (I was also a part of a couple Facebook groups, which I’ve exited now, for singles and childless people. If you do join those groups I’d suggest being careful because they can easily feel negative but they did help me have a sense of community at times too.)

A very special thank you to those who are childless for whatever reason and are still able to be supportive and happy for us. And if it is/was hard to hear about my pregnancy journey I honestly and sincerely thought about you every single day… every time I talked about or posted online about my very fortunate pregnancy you were on my mind and you will still be.

Being single-ish and childless for this length of time has given me opportunities and experiences to relate to people that I might never get again and will reminisce on fondly. Writing this right now as a future mama… it’s exciting to think of all the new experiences and opportunities I’ll get a chance to relate to too! It’s a whole new life I am about to start living. Sounds scary and amazing at the same darn time! LOL!?

I’m going to fully soak in every moment of maternity leave and eventually I’ll be back to have some fun at KS95, around the start of 2024! Talk to you then!

There’s sure to be some baby pictures and I’d love to stay in touch on Instagram
I’m also on Facebook and most other social medias as Carissa Sophia, in some way or another.

<3 Carissa 🙂

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