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MAX says he manifested his guest spot on ‘The Bachelorette’ by watching 23 seasons of the franchise

Ashley Osborn

When an actor gets hired for a role — say, playing a doctor — they usually throw themselves into research, trying to learn everything they can about medicine so they can be believable in the part.  But that process ended up working in reverse for MAX when it came to his gig on The Bachelorette.

MAX will be singing his romantic new song “Butterflies” on the ABC reality show on Monday night, but it’s not like he got the booking and then tried to immerse himself in Bachelor Nation to find out what he was getting into.

As the “Lights Down Low” singer explained on Twitter, “I had never seen any

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of The Bachelor franchise. Then over lockdown, I watched a total of 23 seasons (Yes, you are reading that right).”

“I sent a video to the producers saying I loved the show and they were gracious enough to have me on to perform ‘Butterflies,'” he continues. “MANIFEST MANIFEST MANIFEST.”

Max also posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a white robe with the words “Fantasy Suite Certified” embroidered on the back.  “They gave me this robe and I will treasure it forever,” he added.

Appearing on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, MAX said his favorite season was the one with Sean Lowe, because he says the one that sucked him into the franchise.

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