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MAX says his unborn baby girl has inspired an unusual nickname — and brand-new music

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Deanie Chen

MAX has two exciting releases planned for 2020: his sophomore album Colour Vision, which comes out September 18, and his first child, who he’ll welcome with wife Emily in a few months. While the couple plans to wait until the baby arrives before deciding on a name, they’ve got an unusual nickname for her while she’s in her mom’s belly.

“We have the names, but right now the nickname is Spooky,” MAX tells ABC Audio. “Because when I first felt her kick in Emily’s stomach, I was like, ‘Oooh, Spooky!’ And we all just started saying it.”

“So now, literally, my whole family calls her Spooky,” the “Lights Down Low” singer laughs. “So I hope she likes Halloween!”

MAX is excited about being a “Girl Dad,” and has even gotten some advice from his pal, fellow “Girl Dad” Andy Grammer. His impending fatherhood has also inspired him to already start on his next album.

“Obviously, I have a lot of baby songs,” MAX explains. “I’ve been not writing for this last month and a half ’til the album’s out…but I think that once it’s out, I’m gonna have a few months before the baby gets here to really finish up the next one.”

MAX notes that being in quarantine with his pregnant wife has been quite the emotional roller coaster.

“You have your deepest lows of just being, like, ‘I want normal life back!’ but then, if you’re with the right person, hopefully you…get even deeper [in love].  And we’ve definitely [done that]” he explains.

That’s mostly because Emily learned she was expecting the very first week of lockdown.

“This pregnancy has been our quarantine, which is kinda cool to map it out…I can’t even believe that it’s been six months!” he says. “But yeah, it’s cool.” 

By Andrea Dresdale
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