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Meet Our New Family Member!

TJ Dog

LOOK AT THIS FACE! My daughter keeps forgetting his name so she calls him “Salmon” not sure that will end up being his name but he came with the name “Mason.” We’ve had him a week and he’s THE sweetest boy. He is the final pet to our family of five (plus 3 humans) LOL We were worried the cats wouldnt like him and hide. SO FAR one seems interested in him, the other one not so much. BUT I did post a video below of the “progress” Snowball has made. We didnt want the cats to hide, they were in the home first and are the BEST cats. They are so lovey and cuddly and never hide so if they started to get mean or hide then we wouldnt have been able to keep him. Our two other dogs are elderly, they dont go for walks anymore or play etc so we thought it would be fun to add some puppy love to the home. We will eventually get him into therapy training after he finishes basic training and has that down. He’s super smart.















Check out “Snowball” TRYING to make friends buuuuut nope. LOL