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Meet Ratso, the vaping animatronic rat coming to Katy Perry’s PLAY residency

ABC/Gavin Bond

Katy Perry‘s PLAY residency is already pretty wild — it even has a talking turd — but her newest addition just might take the cake … or vape.

The Grammy nominee debuted Ratso the vaping rat on Thursday, calling him “the newest cast member” of her Las Vegas residency. “A huge thank u to the iconic, best selling [Harvey Fierstein] for lending his voice to the character. We wouldn’t have done it without you.”  

In the accompanying introduction video, Katy is seen introducing Ratso to her crew and teasing him as “a fun new pet.” Ratso, who is pretty large, is part animatronic and part puppet: his face is animated with technology and a person takes charge of his bodily gestures. When he hits his vape, actual smoke pours out of his nostrils.

While it is unknown what role Ratso takes on in the PLAY storyline, the teaser video shows he has plenty of jokes and pessimistic advice for Katy.

Apparently, Katy has always wanted to use puppets in one of her shows and her Vegas residency was the perfect opportunity.

Katy resumes her residency Friday night, with additional shows running until August 13. She will then take a hiatus from Sin City and return later in October.

Tickets for the October dates are available to purchase on the venue’s official website starting Monday, June 6, at 10 a.m. PT.

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