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Meghan Trainor gives pregnancy update: At 36 weeks, baby is breech

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Meghan Trainor is officially nine months’ pregnant and is just about ready to deliver her baby boy, but there’s been a slight complication.

On Instagram, the singer wrote, “Preggo update: Baby is breech again at 36 weeks so I’ve been laying upside down on my couch everyday lol …other than that we are doing amazing and we’re ready to meet this baby!!!!”

A breech birth means that the baby is arranged in the womb so that it would arrive feet first or bottom first. While it’s not uncommon, it’s considered more dangerous to deliver a breech baby, so most are delivered via C-section.  Meghan is lying upside down in an attempt to get the baby back into the headfirst position.

Meghan’s pregnancy hasn’t been easy: In addition to the challenges of being pregnant during quarantine — like having to go to doctor’s appointments alone — last month, she revealed that she’d been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. 

Along with the update, Meghan posted a glam pregnancy photo where she looks angelic in a gauzy green top and flowers in her hair.  “Nowadays I don’t look anything like this but damn we looked good this day,” she jokes. “Big thanks to the team!!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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