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Meghan Trainor teaches Jennifer Hudson how to do a TikTok dance

Jennifer Hudson
ABC/Paula Lobo

Jennifer Hudson asked Meghan Trainor to teach her the art of TikTok dances. For those not on the app, dancing is a popular way to go viral.  

Basically, a person will choreograph a simple routine to a hit song. If they’re lucky, it catches on and becomes a major trend on the platform. Meghan currently boasts 12.2 million TikTok followers and has created some of these viral dances herself, making her the perfect person to show Jennifer the ropes.

Meghan appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and took the powerhouse singer under her wing, showing her how to dance along to Meg’s new song “Don’t I Make It Look Easy.”

“I’m no TikToker, but I’m learning,” Jennifer told the crowd before paying close attention to her teacher.

Meghan instructed on how to count the beats of a song and encouraged, “I’m gonna do a quick dance and you’re gonna copy it, okay?”

Unfortunately, the Oscar winner flubbed the first move and earned a concerned “Oh, gosh” from Meghan.  Thankfully, that was the only mistake as the two flawlessly performed the quirky dance.  

Turns out, Meghan is more than a great teacher — her confidence is infectious because Jennifer went from being a little unsure to a full blown dancing diva. “You’re a good teacher,” Hudson repeated.

“Really? Oh, I was gonna be a teacher,” Meghan gushed and looked genuinely touched by the compliment.

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