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Melanie C gives status update on Spice Girls reunion tour

ABC/Eric McCandless

It’s been two years since the outbreak of a global pandemic paused any talk of a possible Spice Girls reunion tour. Speaking to BBC Radio 2 on Thursday, Melanie C was asked directly if we will see Sporty, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Posh Spice get back together onstage.

Unfortunately, the Dancing with the Stars alum didn’t have much to share. “I would love to sit here and go, ‘Oh, we got these shows coming,’ but I can’t, sadly,” she said. “We do want to do shows, they’re just not arranged yet.”

“We’re constantly talking, constantly trying to work it out — make it work for everybody,” she clarified, adding that a Spice Girls reunion is her “#1 wish.”

Melanie, who recently wrote her memoir, Who I Am: My Story, knows there’s a hunger for them to reunite.  “All of us realized this impact we’ve had on a generation of human people and then there’s new generations discovering us,” she said of how the team felt during their 2019 stadium tour.

Melanie also hinted, “This year is the 25th anniversary of Spiceworld: The Movie and the second album. And yet there’s things happening around it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Melanie recalled the time Madonna called her up while she was staying at a hotel and initially thought one of her bandmates was pranking her. When she heard Madonna greet her on the line with, “Hi, sweetie,” she freaked.

“She was my ultimate icon,” the British singer raved. “And then she invites me out for dinner!” Melanie directed fans to read her new memoir, which talks about the memorable dinner party and the famous guests who were also in attendance.

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