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Michael Bublé talks "beautiful" Bubly partnership, says "love and mercy" is key in moving on from Jan. 6 riots

Courtesy SodaStream

This week, Michael Bublé, spokesman for Bubly sparkling water, helped launch of the brand’s new product: Bubly Drops for SodaStream machines, which allow you to make your own flavored sparkling water.  Since he partnered with SodaStream in 2019, Michael says fans have been telling him exactly how they feel about the product.

“When I was still traveling and the world was still open, people loved sharing their opinions of it,” he laughs. “There were people that would come up to me and go, ‘I looooove it!'”

He also remembers a teen girl who came up to him and asked, “Do you really like that stuff?” When he answered yes, she responded, “Really? Or are you just saying it, like everyone says it?”

“I said, ‘I really do like it,'” Michael recalls. “It’s been really a beautiful partnership, and my house is full of it and I drink it all the time…and I try to turn other people on to it.”

He laughs, “And it’s a beautiful thing…to actually like [it], because it would really suck if I didn’t!”

Michael, who’s Canadian, also has some thoughts on the violent January 6 seige of the U.S. Capitol.

“I think it might just be easier for all of us to just show kindness,” he says.

“So many people right now are angry and they’re looking for revenge,” he adds. “I don’t know that you have to forgive — [but] I think that you can have mercy.”

“That doesn’t mean that…the bad decisions people are making are O.K.,” he quickly noted. “But…there’s a way to get through this with love and mercy, as opposed to revenge and hatred and splitting our society down the middle even further.  Because it’s not just America. It’s in every country in the world right now.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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