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Mike Posner reveals the worst advice he’s ever received

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Mike Posner took a walk down memory lane and revisited the worst piece of advice he ever received.  

Speaking recently on the Sprout podcast, the “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer said he was once encouraged to ditch the songwriting and let someone else do the work for him.

“Early in my career someone told me ‘Don’t write songs, just get hit songs from songwriters and sing them.’ And it’s like the dumbest thing they could ever say to me because like it’s like the opposite of what I should do,” the Grammy nominee explained.

Posner, 33, claims he didn’t get famous because of his singing voice, but because of his ability to write compelling and evocative lyrics.

“If I went on American Idol, I’d lose in the first round, you know. No one really listens to me for like my vocal runs or anything like that,” he chuckled. “I’m a great songwriter… In my opinion, I’m one of the best ones we have right now, but clearly I’m biased, you know, so it was just funny.”

Reflecting on that one piece of bad advice, the “Cooler than Me” singer noted that, in a way, everything came full circle because “years later I write songs for other artists.”

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