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Miley Cyrus sings for Magnum ice cream today, reveals her secret and rediscovered pleasures

Magnum ice cream/Vijat Mohinda

Miley in Layers, a free virtual concert being presented in “8-D” by Magnum ice cream, streams on Miley Cyrus‘ YouTube channel today at 2:30 p.m. ET.  Magnum’s latest slogan is “Pleasure Has More Than One Layer,” and Miley says experiencing the pandemic for the past year and a half has made her rediscover pleasures she never thought about before.

“I forgot what an honor it is to sit with my family and have dinner with them, and when my dad wants to say grace for us,” Miley explains. “That’s something that before, I would have rolled my eyes and been like, ‘Do we have to do this? Can’t we just sit down and eat?’ And now it’s like, ‘I didn’t get to have this for a year and I missed it so much.'”

Miley also reveals some of her secret pleasures: Playing football or basketball with her brothers and her dad, and spending time on her farm, doing things like washing her horses.

“It seems like something that’s a chore,” she says. “But because I’m out in the city so much, to go to these places and actually be able to get dirty — just, like, being able to be on my farm the way that I was when I grew up — makes me super-happy.”

Adds Miley, “I love that when Magnum thought about a campaign revolving around layers, I’m really honored that I was the one that came to mind, because that makes me proud of what I represent.”

During the livestream, Miley will perform “Hate Me” and “Gimme What I Want” from Plastic Hearts, plus a reworking of the 1986 Midnight Star hit “Midas Touch,” re-imagined as “Miley’s Touch.”

The concert will be available for streaming on Instagram at @Magnumicecream through June 17.

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