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Minnesota Teen Activists create GoFundMe raising over $50K for small businesses

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It’s easy to inadvertently ignore the power of teenagers and think they are incapable of doing things without the help of adults, but we’d be silly to do so. Why? Well it’s simple … if you think about it, teens today grew up with technology and learned how to harness the power of social media from a very young age.

They spend their days snapping, tiktok’ing, dm’ing, beeping and bopping around the social verse, while many adults have barely figured out how to turn off push notifications on their phone. Yes, none of those verbs are really accurate, but that’s only further proof that as adults … in situations like this, teens might actually know more than us when it comes to creating traction on social platforms.

Local high school student, Nyagach Kueth and her team of fellow Minnesota Teen Activists, decided that now is the time to organize. Sure, they could sit around and wait for the adults to the make decisions, or they could just do it themselves.

Kueth’s team quickly set up an Instagram account and a GoFundMe page with the intention to spread awareness about injustice and help small businesses impacted by the riots following the murder of George Floyd.

That was six days ago, and as of today the GoFundMe has raised over $50K and their Instagram page has over 3,000 followers! And that’s all without the help of any added media attention.

We reached out to Kueth for a comment and will hopefully update this post with more of her amazing story.