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Mommy-shamed Maren Morris considers "curbing" how many pics she posts of her baby son

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Since Maren Morris welcomed baby Hayes this spring, she and her husband, fellow artist Ryan Hurd, have been sharing plenty of adorable snapshots of him on social media.  But the singer says that might change, in part because she’s been the target of some mommy-shaming.

This week, Maren posted a photo of herself and Hayes enjoying a day at the lake, wearing matching swimsuits and sunglasses and riding on board an inflatable boat. Of course, one Twitter user had to chime in and ask why Hayes wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

While many fans jumped to Maren’s defense, the singer explained that she has to deal with that kind of commentary every time she shares a picture of her son.

“Honestly, I get so many criticisms of my motherhood on anything I post of Hayes, so I may just discontinue posting photos of him,” she responded. “Sucks but it’s kind of where I’m at.”

Country singer Mickey Guyton defended Maren, and encouraged her not to take the Twitter trolls’ words to heart.

“You’re an amazing mother and those that have something to say don’t deserve to see this beautiful life you’ve created in love,” Mickey wrote.

Maren thanked Mickey for the support, but noted that she and Ryan had been considering scaling back how much they share about their baby for other reasons, too.

Still, she admitted that the negativity she was facing was especially hurtful, since so much of it was coming from other moms.

“We talked about curbing posting photos anyway now that he’s a little bit older, but the added crap from (mostly other moms) folks definitely forced our hand,” Maren pointed out.

By Andrea Dresdale
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