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Music notes: Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Doja Cat and Sara Bareilles

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Billy Eichner said Mariah Carey was his only choice when it came to soundtracking the club scene for his new gay rom-com, Bros. He told E! News, “It had to be Mariah Carey. It was the only one. Mariah rules. I love her so much.”  

Margot Robbie is part of Taylor Swift’s so-called “squad,” so she loved working with her on the new movie Amsterdam. She told Capital FM, “She’s so lovely, a real girl’s girl!” Margot also got hooked up with some Folkore merch, but her guy friends took it all. “I ended up giving it all to the my guy friends because they were all so excited and they were the way bigger T Swift fans than my girlfriends,” she laughed.

You can now try to win Doja Cat‘s heart — and more — in the popular but raunchy video game House Party.  She is the latest celeb to join the suggestive game. House Party shared a teaser of her crazy storyline, which starts with her trying to sneak into a house party and then putting on an explosive concert.

It’s still hitting Sara Bareilles that she is part of an original Broadway cast recording of Into the Woods. She celebrated on Instagram, “Thrilling is not an adequate word for the feeling of being a part of an original Broadway cast album. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy.” The album is out now.

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