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‘My Life on MTV’ series to highlight iconic moments of BSB, Lady Gaga, *NSYNC, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry & more

Anthony Harvey – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

MTV will mark its 40th anniversary in August, which means it’s been around to document the rise of every major pop star you can think of for the last two generations.  Now, we’ll be able to see how it all played out in a new series called My Life on MTV, set to premiere on May 22, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Each episode of the 10-episode series will focus on two different stars and highlight their most unforgettable moments on MTV, such TRL performances, VMA appearances, guest spots on shows like Punk’d, Cribs and Yo! MTV Raps, and even their first mentions on MTV News.

Among the stars whose careers will be detailed: Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, U2, Jonas Brothers, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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