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Natasha Bedingfield says toddler is now "100% better" after "life-saving" surgeries

Courtesy Live with Kelly & Ryan

Last month, Natasha Bedingfield revealed on Twitter that “just seven months ago,” her son Solomon had “two life-saving brain surgeries.”  Appearing on Live with Kelly & Ryan Thursday, Natasha gave fans an update: Her boy is just fine.

Before singing her new song “Together in This,” Natasha responded to Kelly Ripa‘s question about Solomon’s health.

“My son is two-and-a-half, and we were just about to go to the Macy’s Day Parade and he had a seizure and we had to rush him to the hospital and he ended up having brain surgery,” the “Unwritten” singer explained.

“It was a very unusual thing and we still really don’t know why he got it,” Natasha went on.  “But he’s 100 cent better right now. We just got an MRI and the surgeon gave us the all-clear.”

Natasha has a bit of a sense of humor about the situation, too, saying that the experience gave her and her husband “practice” for being in quarantine with a toddler.

You know, we were there for about five weeks, so we had this practice of trying to entertain a kid and keep them kind of happy in a small room,” she explained.

“So COVID is kind of like, you know, fine.,” she laughed. “It’s not, really, but, you know, it’s better than hospital!”

Natasha’s original tweet showed a photo of herself and Solomon in a wheelchair in a hospital, with both of them wearing masks. 

She wrote, “Experiencing the care & determination of healthcare workers gave me personal perspective on these superheroes who are protecting us and our loved ones on the front lines all over the globe right now during Covid.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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