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Netflix releases official trailer for ‘Million Dollar Beach House’

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Let’s be honest, since the pandemic hit, many of us have slumped even further into a rabbit hole of trashy reality television. If you even remotely liked it before, by now you’ve probably watched hundreds of hours of mindless television and caught up on every show that was “too trashy” to watch before.

Why? It’s simple. What else is there to do?

A show that sprang to popularity during this time at home is the Netflix series, Selling Sunset, that follows a realty group that specializes in million dollar homes in Hollywood. The show originally premiered last March and is now in its 3rd season, but only recently became the talk of the town.

It seems Netflix knew (or very quickly realized) how popular the show would be because now they’ve released an official trailer for their new show, Million Dollar Beach House. The show is basically the same concept; multimillion dollar homes, young feisty and “attractive” real estate agents but set in the swanky and exclusive Hamptons zip codes.

It’s mindless television, real estate “porn” and probably a bunch of characters you love to hate. When can we start watching? Good question … August 26th. Mark your calendars.

Watch the trailer below: