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New ‘Don’t Look Up’ trailer teases more about Ariana Grande’s character

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Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix released the full trailer for its upcoming apocalyptic dark comedy, Don’t Look Up, on Monday. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and many others– including Ariana Grande.

While Leo and Jennifer want to tell the world the end is near because of a planet-killing comet hurtling towards Earth, others don’t seem to care and continue to joke about the growing threat.

Ariana is featured in a smaller role, playing air-headed superstar Riley Bina. The trailer shows her interacting with Leo and Jennifer’s characters, the two whistleblowers who discovered the apocalyptic comet.

“You guys discovered a comet? I have a tattoo of a shooting star on my back,” Ari says in the trailer. Another scene features her suspended in the air, dressed in white, as she sings into a glittery microphone while accompanied by Kid Cudi.

Don’t Look Up premieres in select theaters on December 10 and hits Netflix on December 24.

As previously reported, both Ariana and Kid Cudi are nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards for their work in Don’t Look Up. In the category of Song: Feature Film, Ariana and Cudi are nominated for co-writing the movie’s title song. Ariana is up for another nomination and is also vying for Song: Onscreen Performance.

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