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New Heardle game challenges Taylor Swift fans to identify her songs after hearing just a few seconds

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Do you consider yourself an expert on all things Taylor Swift? If you think you have the chops to identify one of the hitmaker’s songs after hearing the opening notes — there’s a new game just for you.

Taylor Swift Heardle, which recently launched, challenges players to listen to a few seconds of one of her song intros and correctly guess within six tries where it’s from. Only one puzzle is made available per day.

If you think that sounds an awfully lot like the infamous Wordle games that took over your social media feeds, that’s because Heardle is a variation of the popular word-guessing game — but with music. Taylor’s not the only artist to have her very own Heardle game — Harry Styles has one, too.

For those who don’t think they have what it takes to guess a song within seconds but still want to challenge their Taylor Swift knowledge, there is a variation of Wordle based on the “Shake It Off” singer called Taylordle. Every day, a new five-letter word is made available and fans have six tries to figure out what it is.

Happy guessing!

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