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New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre announces new single "Own This Town"

He’s back!  Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block fame comes out with a brand new single this month, “Own This Town.”

The song was announced Monday, and fans won’t have to wait too long to hear it because it drops next Friday, October 23.

The 47-year-old singer says, after a near decade-long absence, that now is the perfect time to return to the music scene.  While he wrote the song well before the COVID-19 pandemic, he feels it carries an important message that he thinks will bring listeners a sense of comfort during such an uncertain time.

“I wrote this song years ago, with a totally different intention.  To me it’s about taking your shot, swinging for the fences, going for it.  And I think it really takes on a new meaning now,” Joey said in a statement. “The idea of never giving up, reflecting on where you are, what you’ve done, what’s left to do… it’s hopeful.”

He adds, “I think the words resonate more now and I hope people can find some inspiration when they hear it.”

The last time the singer dabbled with a solo career was in 2011 when he released the album Come Home for Christmas.  He’s also acted and performed on Broadway, most recently starring in Sara Bareilles’ hit musical Waitress.

Beyond hitting the recording studio and Broadway stage, McIntyre re-teamed with his NKOTB bandmates in 2008 after a 14-year hiatus.  They’ve released four albums since then: 2008’s The Block, 2011’s NKOTBSB, 2013’s 10 and 2017’s Thankful.

By Megan Stone
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