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New Music Friday: New tracks from Trevor Daniel, Jessia, Zoe Wees, Forest Blakk


Today’s New Music Friday features fresh tracks from artists who all broke out within the last 20 months or so.

Trevor Daniel, best known for his song “Falling,” which became a hit in 2020 thanks to TikTok, is back with a new single called “Alone.” It interpolates the dance classic “Better Off Alone” by Alice DJ, and it’s the first release from Trevor’s new EP, That Was Then, due out in November. 

He explains, “I got inspired to do an interpretation of [‘Better Off Alone’] because of the feelings I was going through from a breakup at the time.”

Jessia, best known for the viral song “I’m Not Pretty,” has put out a new single called “First Call,” from her debut EP, due out October 15.  “I wrote it two years ago when I was hopeful that I would reconnect with someone that I lost,” Jessia says of the song. “I thought he was my forever, but I eventually came to the realization that he was actually just there to teach me a lot of lessons.”

Zoe Wees, whose debut single “Control” was a 2020 hit, has teamed up with 6LACK for the track “That’s How It Goes.” “Knowing that 6LACKwas working really hard until he became who he is now, inspired me on a different level,” she says. “He has one of the most beautiful souls.”

Forest Blakk, who broke through earlier this year with “If You Love Her,” has released “Fall into Me,” a song he co-wrote with Matchbox Twenty‘s Rob Thomas.  The song was inspired by Forest’s girlfriend, and he says, “It’s our love story on display for all those out there to witness. And if nothing else, I hope this song reminds you that love stories do exist. Just be ready to fall at any moment!”



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