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dog ring

Hi! I don’t USUALLY drink a lot of pop but every now and then I crave a Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. I have a fear of aspartame, as I should because it is HORRIBLE for you. Seriously go look up where it came from. Annnnyway, I saw this at Target the other day! It’s still pop and not healthy for you BUT if you’re having a craving this is a great substitute! It has plant based sweeteners, no aspartame! Apparently Minneapolis is a test market so I hope ya’ll are trying it cause I need this in my life for always.

diet coke

























I ordered this ring the day Kitty went to the rainbow bridge. I got suckered into this Instagram ad in my moment of grief LOL

BUUUT its actually really cute and great quality. I love it.
dog ring





















Nilly has never been interested in picking out her own clothes. I buy them for her and she asks us to pick out her outfits for school but the past few weeks she has REALLY gotten interested in clothes. She bought her first pair of jeans and then sorta went bonkers at Target throwing a bunch of clothes in the cart and Im like what is this? Nil Nil Shopping day?! And she says “What? this is your dream come true, Im shopping!” haha shes not wrong. I let her have fun and pick her own clothes out. I bought her the N’Sync shirt to match me for one day when I want to take mommy daughter pictures. I got these pics from my husband who told me Nilly picked this outfit out all by herself! Proud parenting moment for sure!

nilly nsync

















And lastly a pic of brothers “playing” looks like they are yelling at each other but I assure you, they BOTH antagonize the other. They cuddle when they arent eating each other.