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Nick Jonas lends his voice to Apple TV+ series 'Calls'

Courtesy Apple TV+

Nick Jonas is one of the many, many stars who have lent their voices to a new Apple TV+ show called Calls, which sounds a little bit like Black Mirror, if Black Mirror was audio-only.

The nine-episode show launches on March 19, and is described as an “immersive television experience.” Each episode tells a different short-form story via phone calls, and very minimal visuals.  Each episode features a mystery that unfolds through a series of what appear to be — at first — average phone calls. 

However, things get dark and surreal as the callers’ lives are “thrown into growing disarray.”  Apple TV+ says of the show, “The real terror lies in one’s interpretation of what they cannot see on the screen.”

In addition to Nick, other stars whose voices you’ll hear include Pedro Pascal, Karen Gillan, Rosario Dawson, Lily Collins, Aubrey Plaza, Danny Pudi, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jennifer Tilly and Clancy Brown.

Meanwhile, Nick’s new sci-fi movie Chaos Walking arrives this Friday.

By Andrea Dresdale
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