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No babies for Justin and Hailey, but a "surprisingly pretty good summer" all the same

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While in quarantine, some celebrity couples have announced they’re splitting up, while others have announced that they’re expecting.  Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey haven’t done either of those things, but they are surprised how much fun they’ve had this summer.

This past Friday as part of L.A.’s Paleyfest, which highlights the creators of TV shows, Justin and Hailey discussed Justin’s YouTube documentary series, Seasons, and also answered a question about what they’ve been doing with their time these past few months.  The newlyweds, who’ll celebrate two years of marriage in September, say expanding their family hasn’t been on their list of things to do.

“Well, we didn’t make any babies. So that’s that!” Hailey said firmly. “Honestly, I really do think we’ve enjoyed this time. Justin was actually supposed to be on tour right now and it was disappointing that that had to be postponed…but I think even through the quarantine…I still feel like we’ve just been enjoying our time with each other and getting to know each other deeper.”

“We’ve been having a really fun summer, regardless of everything that’s been going on,” she added.

“It’s been surprisingly pretty good for us,” Justin agreed. “Obviously, we have compassion for those who are really struggling and that hurts us. But for us, we’ve really been able to create a deeper bond with each other.”

The two have also been taking road trips, and while they miss their families, Hailey says, “I think we’ve been able to get a lot of things done that maybe we felt like we didn’t have time for it before…and it’s been good.”

The couple also revealed that they binged Ozark and enjoyed it, but Justin refuses to participate in Hailey’s binge-watching of The Vampire Diaries.

(Baby comments come at 36:42 into video.)

By Andrea Dresdale
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