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No Llama Drama at Nilly’s Party!


Nilly’s 5th birthday party was awesome! The rain held out, it was chilly but not TOO bad thankfully and I hope everyone had a great time!

Here are Nilly’s invites so this was our theme! We use Queen of Cakes for everything, this is the cake theynilly6 made her! Obsessed.



This was the thank you gift bag table. Except no one came through the front door soooo I should have moved this into the garage. We had a llama twisty straw, llama stickers, llama paddle with ball thing, llama press on nails, and a couple other little trinkets! Plus I had BAGS of these little llama gummies too!
















We had some balloon arches made by Party State! We had a step and repeat “photo booth” balloons on the front porch (again no one came through the front door and in the morning room! I have no idea what to do with them now, prob going to leave them up for the next month…they’re pretty. Balloon arches make every party better.



I was super nervous doing it at our house. I wasnt sure how “fun” that would be BUT where else can I have real llamas?! I had some painting and coloring stations set up,  llama canvases and coloring books. Nilly LOVES painting so I was a little nervous the kids wouldnt think it was fun but they seemed to enjoy it!









I also had a llama piñata too. I was also slightly nervous someone would get hurt or upset if they didnt get the candy/toys they wanted so I tried to make sure I had back up of everything.













On to the stars of the day! The llamas! I asked Nilly her fav part of her party and she said the presents sooo haha the llamas were for the adults! haha

LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ALL LOOK! Well, worth it! We gnilly11ot them at Carlson’s Loveable Llamas! I asked if they would wear party hats and they did! haha!












I can ONLY IMAGINE what our neighbors thought as we paraded llamas down the neighborhood haha!































My sweet girl just looked so happy. My favorite part was looking around to see all those people there to celebrate my baby and sing happy birthday to her.




















Obviously I had to get us matching Tshirts too.  Ricky’s says Daddy of the birthday llama and mine is Mama of the birthday llama