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No more counting dollars: OneRepublic is first major-label US artist to be paid in cryptocurrency for a gig

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Courtesy OneRepublic

OneRepublic has set an unusual record — not because of their music, but because of how they’re getting paid for their music.

The “Counting Stars” band has become the first major-label American artist to accept cryptocurrency as payment for a gig.  The intimate acoustic show took place last Tuesday outside of Vienna, Austria and the group was paid in Bitcoin.

“My band and I are so happy to be a part of something that we believe is, without question, the future of how payments are transacted for unlimited amounts of assets, performances, services, purchases, music etc. around the world,” said frontman Ryan Tedder.

“Whether it’s artists using NFTs to fund albums with their fans or bands being paid for concerts in crypto, music & tech go hand in hand,” he added. “With that in mind, it only made sense for us to take the next logical step.”

Ryan noted that he’s doing a private concert in December, for which he’ll also be paid in Bitcoin.

OneRepublic’s album Human is out now.

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