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Social media post, blogging. Influencer blogger girl character. Like, share and comment promo. Selfie SMM creative idea.
Social media post, blogging. Influencer blogger girl character. Like, share and comment promo. Selfie creative idea. SMM Social profile insta frame young star. Vector illustration. Modern 3d render

TikTok Star Abbie Herbert Jokes That Having Two Under Two Is “A New Trend”: TikTok star Abbie Herbert, who has over 15M followers on the app, is the proud mom of two-year-old Poppy, and two-month-old Jagger. “It’s a new trend right now,” she joked to “E! News” about having two under two. “You hear, like, ‘Oh, two kids, is it scary?’ I think going from no kids to one was more intimidating than one to two because that anxiety, that new mom feeling of, like, what do you do?” But even with the chaos, she’s happy. “I love the life I’m in now,” she added. “We all have those moments of, ‘This is a lot, it’s overwhelming,’ but then I remember they’re gonna grow up one day, and they’re not going to want to run in the room and scream, ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ So I just remember, like, deep breath, take in this moment and enjoy it while I can.”

Fitness YouTuber Emi Wong Splits From Husband: Fitness influencer Emi Wong, who has over 6M followers on YouTube, has split from her husband of three years, Chad. She shared “the difficult decision to go our separate ways” on Insta. “[W]we will always be grateful for the memories and everything we built together, and we will continue to support each other as friends,” she wrote. “[M]many of you have been a part of our journey, thank you for respecting our privacy and we appreciate your continued love and understanding as we begin our new chapters in life.” Chad used to commonly appear in her YouTube vids, but the two haven’t been in one together since April 2022. The two started dating in September 2013 and got married in 2020.

TikTok Star Taryn Delanie Smith Came Up With Her Character Of Denise In The Shower: You probably know TikTok Star and former Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith better as Denise, heaven’s receptionist. That’s the role she plays to her 1.2M followers on her page @taryntino21. The videos have helped a ton of people going through grief, and Taryn’s grateful for that. But how did she come up with the character? In the shower! “I was standing there thinking, ‘If I die in a chicken suit, then I have to wear the chicken suit forever.’ Can you imagine a ghost coming to you in a chicken suit? And I just couldn’t stop giggling,” she told “NPR,” adding that she now gets recognized more for playing Denise than she does for being Miss New York. She’s OK with that, though. “Why can’t we just let women do it all? Just let them be their beautiful, silly, authentic selves,” she said. “I didn’t really think I’d be pushing the envelope just by being myself and being a beauty queen.”