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*NSYNC vs Backstreet: Lance Bass reignites the boyband war

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Lance Bass is letting fans know he does take offense when he overhears someone saying the Backstreet Boys are superior to *NSYNC.  His latest declaration has since reignited the great boyband debate that raged in the late nineties and early aughts — much to BSB singer AJ McLean‘s chagrin.

The 42-year-old singer shared a sarcastic TikTok video of him mouthing along to the now-viral Trisha Paytas clip where she says, “Huh? What?  Oh… okay” and laughs in confusion.  Lance’s includes the caption “When people say BSB is better than *NSYNC” as he looks around and rolls his eyes.

Knowing full well that he was about to start some drama, Lance titled his video, “Am I starting another #boyband war? Debate in the comments.”

As fans warred in the comment section, AJ decided to take a swipe at Lance by grumbling, “Dammit here we go again.”

Lance happily shot back, “Tis the season!”

Another hilarious exchange occurred after a fan shared, “My older sis was BSB and I was *NSYNC, it was an all out war in our home. My poor mom.” 

Lance retorted, “Prayers to your mom.”

So, which band appears to be winning the debate?  While the two are neck and neck in the comments section, there appears to be virtually no love for New Kids on the BlockHansonO-Town and 98 Degrees.

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