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“Oh My God”: Adele’s Las Vegas residency will reportedly launch this summer

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Adele‘s Weekends with Adele Las Vegas residency was abruptly postponed earlier this year, but the star later told talk show host Graham Norton that the shows are “absolutely happening this year, 100 per cent.”  Now, sources tell the British paper The Telegraph that there are signs the show is being completely overhauled, with an eye towards a summer restart.

According to The Telegraph, the plan is to launch the residency at the end of July or early August, which would work, as there’s currently a 10-week gap between residencies by other artists at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, the venue for Adele’s show.  In addition, Adele has reportedly brought in a whole new creative team to redesign the show.

The Telegraph reports that Adele is planning to scrap everything that was previously designed and conceived for the production, and has brought in award-winning artistic director Kim Gavin and production design company Stufish to take over.

Among his many other projects, Gavin helped stage the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in London and has worked with the British band Take That for years. Stufish, meanwhile, worked on the Rolling Stones‘ upcoming 60th anniversary tour.

Reportedly, one reason for the initial residency’s cancellation was the disagreements between Adele and the original designer. A source tells the Telegraph that a documentary crew followed Adele as the original version of the show was being created, and also happened to capture those disagreements, but it’s unclear if the footage will ever be released.

Meanwhile, fans worldwide who are still holding their original tickets are eagerly awaiting news of the show so they can make their summer plans.

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