#OhMyGross: 10,000 larvae devour a pizza in just two hours!

#OhMyGross: 10,000 larvae devour a pizza in just two hours!

WARNING: Do not continue reading, and definitely don’t watch this video if you want to continue looking at pizza the same.

That being said, this video is absolutely disgusting but also very, VERY fascinating. It’s like a car crash that you just can’t bring yourself to turn away from. One second you’re completely disgusted, and the next you are 100% mesmerized. It’s just that kind of video…

This week the people over at Science Magazine, uploaded a time-lapse video featuring 10,000 black solider fly larvae devouring a pizza in just two hours. Gross!

Now to be fair the video isn’t purely for some sick entertainment purpose, but we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to continue. So if you want to find out why exactly Science Magazine decided to ruin pizza for those of us that watched, you’ll have to do some digging on your own. Apparently it’s like for research or something … wdk!

Watch the video below … if you dare:

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