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Oliver Tree releases ‘Cowboy Tears,’ says tour has “something for everyone”….”WWE wrestling, performance art and belly dancing”


“Life Goes On” singer Oliver Tree releases his new album Cowboy Tears today, and kicks off a headlining tour tomorrow.  He says the album represents a new sound for him — country music — which he says is a result of where he was when he wrote it.

“It was all something that happened very organically, I lived at my grandparents’ ranch for six months. They have a cattle [and] horse ranch,” he tells ABC Audio. “And so I was just there during COVID and my grandfather has this acoustic guitar there…he’s no longer with us, he passed, but I was using his acoustic guitar and I just wrote these songs.”

As for the title Cowboy Tears, Oliver explains, “My grandfather was a cowboy. His grandfather was a cowboy, I come from the lineage of it…and I’m a very emotional person. I always cry.”

The artist says creating the album was  “two-year process,” which saw him penning 112 songs, of which 13 made the final cut.  “I really am excited about this album because it covers so much range and every song is so poignant thematically,” he notes. “They’re big concepts.”

As for the tour, Oliver promises his shows will feature, “WWF wrestling…some scooter tricks…comedy…drama, performance art” and “incredible dance moves, choreographed by yours truly.”

You can also expect multiple genres — “everything from hip hop to a rock show to, now, country…[and] dance music…something for everyone,” Oliver boasts.

We’re not sure how serious he is about any of that, though, considering he also tells ABC Audio of the tour, “Of course, I grew up belly dancing, so you’re going to get to see some on my belly dance moves as well.”

Oliver’s tour, billed as his last one ever, wraps up March 26 in Austin, TX.

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