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Olivia Rodrigo finds song inspo in TikTok’s #breakup section


Who says TikTok is a waste of time? In a new interview with The Face, Olivia Rodrigo says she mines the app’s #breakup section for song inspiration.

The 18-year-old says she was particularly struck by the encouraging comments people would leave for others who were heartbroken.

“This one girl was being really helpful and sweet, like, ‘Someday, you’re going to find a partner who’s absolutely in love and obsessed with you and is going to treat you right, and this will all be a distant memory,’” Olivia recalls. “I remember being really affected by that and I wrote a lyric with that sentiment in the [Sour song] ‘Enough For You.’”

She adds, “So anytime someone tells you that being on TikTok isn’t productive, you can tell them that story!”

Olivia also explains the meaning behind her debut album’s title: Sour.

“I’m obsessed with the concept of awesome things in my life — like my relationship with myself and with others — progressively going sour as I get older,” Olivia tells The Face. “It’s a very visceral word, one that captures the sounds that I’m inspired by and a specific slice of my life at 17. Plus it has my initials in it, which is a bonus!”

Sour, featuring the hits “Drivers License” and “Deja vu,” comes out May 21.

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