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Olivia Rodrigo proves she has Taylor Swift’s lyrics “tattooed in [her] head” for ELLE’s Song Association

Petra Collins

If it wasn’t already clear that Olivia Rodrigo is a massive Taylor Swift fan, it is now thanks to a round of Song Association with ELLE magazine.

In the game, Olivia is given a series of random words and told she has 10 seconds to sing a song with that word in the lyrics. Not surprisingly for the self-proclaimed Swiftie, it was mostly Taylor songs that were top of mind — five in total.

She sang “The Story of Us” when given the word “end,” “All Too Well” when given the word “time,” and “Picture to Burn” for the word “picture,” which she called her “first ever favorite song.”

She also associated Taylor’s “Begin Again” with the word “again,” and “I Think He Knows” for the word “hand.”

“I just have her lyrics tattooed in my head,” Olivia admitted.

But when asked who her dream artist to collaborate with would be, she went a different route, picking Billie Eilish. She also revealed one song she wishes she wrote is “Liability,” from Lorde‘s 2017 album Melodrama, because it’s “so breathtakingly spectacular and honest.”

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