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Olivia Rodrigo shares advice on how to heal from a broken heart

ABC/Randy Holmes

Olivia Rodrigo knows a thing or two about the ugly side of breakups, because she wrote a whole album about it.  Now, in a new interview, she’s offering advice on how to move on from someone she once loved, and heal the emotional scars.

“Besides cutting off all contact, I think it’s important to not only forgive them, but forgive yourself for letting everything happen,” Olivia tells Vogue, referring to a past relationship. “That’s what I’ve learned.”

She referenced that relationship when revealing the one thing she’d tell her then-16-year-old self, which is, “You’re more than enough, and to trust your gut.” 

Plenty of songs on Olivia’s SOUR album, such as the hit single “traitor,” contain lyrics about her suspecting something was up with her boyfriend but how she didn’t want to believe it.

Olivia has since found new love in rumored boyfriend Adam Daze.  Olivia admits she knows when she has it bad when “I want my partner to be happy, even if that means that they’re not with me.”

But just because she’s not on someone’s radar doesn’t mean she waits around for them to notice her, saying she will “Write a song for them” to get her feelings across — admittedly something that she “definitely” did for a crush back in the day.  She declined to reveal who that was.

That said, to write a song “from your heart and write as much as you possibly can” is something Olivia says is a recipe for making a hit track.

After everything the 18-year-old has learned about love, she revealed what she is now looking for in a future partner, saying “consistency, kindness, and respect” are the most important traits she wants her significant other to have.

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