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Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘High School Musical:TM:TS’ co-stars react to “Drivers License” success

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The world now knows Olivia Rodrigo for her hit song “Drivers License,” but fans of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series have known about her talent for a while now. Olivia returns as Nini for the show’s second season, out today on Disney+, and her co-stars say  they couldn’t be happier about her success.

“Drivers License” blew up while Olivia was still shooting the second season and co-stars Dara Renee, Joshua Bassett and Frankie Rodriguez say they were proud to witness one of their own having a breakout moment.

“Oh, most definitely,” Dara, who plays Kourtney, tells ABC Audio. “First of all, I’m hyping everybody on set up, so to see that she made it, I was like, ‘Oh period. Go off!’ Because I heard her writing songs and I just knew, like, ‘Oh, she’s talented’…I’m just so happy for her to be in the position that she is.”

“She is absolutely killin’ it,” adds Dara. “She’s a queen and go stream her album, period.”  That album, Sour, comes out May 21.

Joshua, who plays Ricky, says he knew right away that “Drivers License” would be big.

“Yeah, I remember when she posted it on Instagram, I was absolutely blown away and I knew as soon as I watched it, when it came out, I was like, ‘This is gonna to be the biggest song in the world,’” he says, adding, “I’m absolutely happy for her.”

Freddie, who plays Carlos, says it was cool to be able to see firsthand how it all came together.

“It’s incredible to see someone, like, behind-the-scenes working on something, and then it goes out there and then it’s, like, this huge thing that everyone is so, like, in love with,” he says. “It’s kind of crazy.”

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